Mina Salome is a professional model and belly dancer based in Long Beach, California.  As a child, she was enchanted by fantasy stories about fairies and magic spells, as well as adventures in distant lands.  After years of expressing this fascination through paintings and short stories, Mina turned to modeling and dance to tell the stories of the characters she had envisioned.

Mina transformed herself into a fantasy goddess with the help of unique costumes, many of which she makes herself, and bold statement jewelry and elements such as wings and flowers.  She has a passion for fusing the unexpected, and bringing fantasy to life, drawing from her background in art, dance and yoga.

Published in several well known magazines as a model, with a continually growing audience as a dancer, Mina now travels the contintental United States as a model and dancer.  She continually strives for a higher standard of excellence in her art, and is always pushing the limits of what is possible.

In addition to her career as a model and belly dancer, Mina is an up and coming yoga teacher, and owns a handmade jewelry company called Endless Skies Designs.  She has recently begun sharing her writing with the world through her blog.  In her free time, she is often found sewing costumes, spending time with dear friends, gardening, or cuddling with her cat Athena.

Photo by Bob Hoffman

Photo by EyeonPhoto

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