Mina Salome grew up inspired by the dance, music, and culture of the Middle East, which influenced her decision to begin studying belly dance.  Mina has been intensively learning belly dancing since 2014, primarily studying with Suhaila Salimpour and Janelle Rodriguez, but has also taken classes and workshops with many top teachers of many diverse styles of belly dance.  In addition to belly dance, Mina also has a background in ballet, contemporary, flamenco, hip hop, and circus arts.  Prior to beginning a solo career, Mina danced with Desert Dream Dance Company in Santa Cruz.

Dance has long been a passion in Mina's life, and is a source of great joy.  It has been an honor and a privilege for Mina to have had a chance to make it so far with this art form, and she looks forward to greater accomplishments in years to come.

Mina dances at live events throughout the LA area, and performs live on Instagram twice monthly.  For booking inquiries, please use the Contact page.

Photo by Glenn Fidler

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